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Blaque Diamond

“I have long wished for a book that explains a child's journey through the foster care system to adoption, that was simple enough for a child to understand, but specific enough for a foster and adoptive parent to read to and with the child.  Author, Blaque Diamond, has done this brilliantly, in a three-­book progression, that explains the journey from birth, to foster care, to adoption,”­­ 
-Tami Morningstar, a 28­ year child welfare veteran in Baltimore City.  

Decisions made by parents are never easy, but what author Blaque Diamond shows in her book SHE NAMED ME STACEY is that the true measure of any parent is to do what is right for the child. That is exactly what Stacey's mother wanted to do, and she made the decisions necessary so her daughter could have what she needed. What a great way to not just address the challenges and responsibility of being a parent but what it means to love one's child enough to consider letting them go. Well written and easy for you to read and discuss. 
-Cyrus Webb (Top Amazon Reviewer/Host Conversations Live Show) 

A Temporary Home for Stacey 

The second book in the series, A Temporary Home for Stacey opens readers’ eyes to the process that a foster child encounters to have one single, stable foster care placement. This book shares challenges and lesson-filled occurrences for foster parents, adoptive parents, and anyone wishing to parent.

Stacey F Coloring and Activity Book

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She Named Me Stacey

The first book in her series, She Named Me Stacey offers a vivid representation of both timely and well-informed decisions made in the best interest of Stacey. Diamond shows how a mother’s decision can impact her child’s life as well as the life of others.

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Stacey F. My Forever Mommy 

Stacey F. My Forever Mommy tells the story of Stacey as she transitions between a temporary family to her forever family. This book is tailor-made for families exploring foster care, and adoption.


Author Blaque Diamond’s three ­book series, She Named Me Stacey, A Temporary Home for Stacey and Stacey F., My Forever Mommy, provides much­ needed information on the details of both the foster care and adoption processes utilizing a writing style suitable for both children and adults.  New Release Stacey F coloring and Activity Book.